Come for the Beauty.
Stay for the Soul.

Bermuda Rising

Lush, tropical landscapes linked by pink sand beaches would be explanation enough of the world's enduring passion for this charming British colony. But Bermuda has also carefully preserved its historic architecture and vibrant, multicultural soul. Wander through St. Catherine Fort, dated 1609 (and reputed home of a ghost named George). Chat with local artisans at weekly festivals. Dance to the Caribbean rhythms of Soca and cheer on Gombey dancers at annual carnivals and parades. Renowned for its warm, welcoming locals eager to share everything from insider fishing tips to tastes of rum cake at the Craft Market, Bermuda promises a lifetime of engaging experiences, from scuba diving, cliff diving and flyboarding to gentler pursuits such as world-class dining and local shopping.

With local developers and the community working hand in hand, Caroline Bay, Bermuda has been designed to honor both native and newcomer, past and future. Every inch of this 182-acre resort community is thoughtfully designed to magnify its gifts: breathtaking terrain, flora and fauna, proximity to the sea, and deep connections to Bermudian culture.

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Bermuda White Sand Beach
Bermuda Historic Buildings
Bermuda Biking



With Bermuda as the backdrop for your outdoor activities at Caroline Bay, what can be more beautiful than that! From hiking and biking on the adjacent railway trails, or golfing at Port Royal Golf Club across the street. For the more passive, enjoy the calm waters for paddle boarding or swimming and for the more adventurous, enjoy a day of deep sea fishing or rock jumping.
Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residence owners have access to it all.

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